Over a few years I had been approached by quite a number of people with interest in purchasing our home. When the time finally came for me to want to sell it I thought it would be a breeze. Oh, to be so wrong.

After I had gone through my whole list, spent hours scheduling people coming and going and calling to discuss things that they saw and things that they weren’t sure they saw and things that they didn’t see. I was reminded of a quote my father-in-law a”h, used to say: Laymen should not interfere in a professional person’s business. After all these years I decided it was time to listen to him.
I called Raizy Brisman, Realtor. That is not the only title which should be posted after her name. One that comes to mind is Preserver of Sanity (is there a shorter version of that?).

Raizy did her homework thoroughly. Finding out everything about the location, the house itself, getting the legal and monetary background, history of the house, past and present values was only part of her very professional work. She also found out my schedule and my needs for the selling of our house, our home.

I was able to return my time and attention to my family, my career, and all the other things going on in my life.

Raizy not only scheduled and showed the house but was available to potential buyers and to me at all hours throughout.

Raizy not only sold our home to a family to whom I was happy to give over the keys, but Raizy continued working by getting all papers together for the lawyers, transporting, even kicking in with a replacement fax machine when one broke down during processing!.

Raizy made the selling of our home a happy adventure.

From the Desk of Chana S.

Dear Raizy,

We think you are an outstanding realtor and a very special and wonderful person!  We have worked with you twice in the capacity of a realtor.  The first time 8 years ago, you were able to find renters for our property on East 18th Street, in the Midwood section, of Brooklyn.  The second time was in March of this year, when we contacted you to sell our home on East 18th Street.  In both situations you were extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the community, rapidly developed a list of potential clients and performed your responsibilities in a very professional manner.  You were in constant communication with us with frequent calls regarding your showings.  Most important, your skills as a realtor and warm and caring personality, gave us a realistic sense of confidence regarding the sale of the house.  We could not have asked for anymore.  The person who bought our home presented an offer that was in our target range.  You were able to bring the sale to contract in just several months.  This week, on June 22nd, we closed the sale of the home.  Bravo for a very professional and complete job!  We felt very comfortable working with you.  It was an absolute privilege and pleasure.

We also thank you for simply being “YOU”!  You are a wonderful person, of deep faith, understanding and genuine care for your clients.  We felt as though we were members of your family!  We greatly appreciated all your efforts in our behalf.  You always made us feel as though we were your only clients!  You listened to us and heard our needs regarding the house.  Your patience, availability, suggestions and opinions were better than any realtor with whom we have ever dealt.  You always went out of your way to take care of every detail for us.  We also enjoyed your delightful sense of humor and knowledge about many things in which we were interested.  We think you have more “Zachel” than most people with whom we are acquainted!

We hope you will share this letter with many prospective clients.  We are delighted with you in every way!  You are an outstanding realtor and a very wonderful person!

Most sincerely,

Murray & Alice

Mrs. Brisman was  highly recommended by someone I trust as the right person to use to sell my home.  She did not disappoint!  From the initial appraisal to the way Mrs. Brisman handled potential buyers I felt that my interests were always a priority.  When there were glitches along the way, she went out of her way to smooth them and see to it that they were resolved.  I am very grateful to her for her support, fairness, professionalism and honesty.  I would certainly recommend her to any friends, family and neighbors in need of a realtor.

P. D.


From Chanie N.
It was such a pleasure dealing with Mrs. Brisman, we’ve been looking for a house for a long time and buying this house went super smooth.  Thanks for a great experience!

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